About Us

eBrandgelize Digital, a subsidiary of Green Galaxy Enterprises, is a boutique emarketing and production company, integrating brands across multiple platforms through transmedia entertainment, digital content and PR. We help individuals and businesses raise their profiles through strategic alliances and sustainably promotes our clients through website design, content management, online branding, product placement, publishing and engaging social media. We develop and package specialized events, feature films, TV, online content and mobile games. eBrandgelize bridges the divide between the entertainment industry, corporations, media, clean technology companies, governments, universities, and non-profits.

In 2008, 10-year-old Nikos Spiridakis came up with the name Green Galaxy for the production company to create his Global Warming PSA, Save It. The company was founded with his vision of what the world could have: a green, sustainable future. His idea inspired many, and with the help of his mother, Nicole Hansen, he was able to share his voice with the help of top Hollywood names and companies: Tony Goldwyn, renewable energy advocate/producer Marshall Herskovitz, Bob Weinstein and Participant Media helped release Save It on DVDs and as the first video on the TakePart YouTube channel.

After a year of awards and recognition, from the United Nations to James Cameron’s Avatar Earth Day event, Nicole continued to advocate for a more sustainable world. Rather than continue preaching to the choir, she realized we must reach out to everyone and practice what we preach. As part of this philosophy, our live events are sustainably produced using local sources of food and reusable or compostable dishes and utensils. Rather than giving fliers and handouts that waste trees, our team sets up online invitations and a live Twitter feed. We encourage all guests to use their phones to post live messages, photos, and videos to start conversations with #hashtags. At each event, we seek the best ways to promote our clients without wasting resources.

Our web design services provide our clients an opportunity to set up an online storefront without ever having to leave their homes. Their customers, readers, potential clients, or beneficiaries can avoid getting into cars, driving, and burning fossil fuels. When we have to drive to meet clients on site, the Green Galaxy company car is an all-electric Mercedes B-Class. We also encourage carpooling and hybrids for our team. Our office is paperless wherever possible, and all business and marketing materials are passed along digitally.

At GGE, we endeavor to be the premier source of sustainably promoting brand visibility for individual professionals, online publishers, film and television productions, creative talent both behind and on-camera, clean technology companies, and nonprofits. With experienced professionals across a wide array of expertise, our team creates and facilitates opportunities to help raise any brand profile. Our clients have taken notice, and our company has grown rapidly in the past two years, proving the viability of green businesses when reaching out to a wider audience. We make our clients’ dreams a reality and prove to them that sustainability isn’t a chore; it’s an achievable way of life.