eBrandgelize Digital Services

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We offer digital branding services for individual professionals, companies and non-profits. With experienced professionals in the entertainment industry and across a wide array of expertise, our team creates and facilitates opportunities to help raise your brand profile by offering a broader spectrum of services and a wealth of potential alliances.

Product Placement/Branded Entertainment

Our past product integration services include Mark Burnett’s Expedition Impossible (ABC), King of the Nerds (TBS), Capture (CW) and The Taste (ABC). We have also assisted in casting client and collaborator Darren Moore as a contestant who utilizes his expertise in remodeling buildings with his zero-waste philosophy on NBC’s home refurbishing competition American Dream Builders.

Strategic Partnerships

GGE helps our clients connect with creative professionals, production companies, select studios and networks to help secure collaborations and partnerships with our clients’ products, services or creative intellectual properties. Past partnerships have included Alane Adams and Aritfact Technologies, Rise Up Foundation and SAG Foundation and Entrepreneurs Organization with Renewable Energy IGO.

Past and Present Clients