Social Media Boosts Food Now’s Donations

eBrandgelize Enlisted to Facilitate “Masks are Medicine Campaign”

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, FOOD NOW, the largest food pantry offering weekly supplemental food assistance for households & individuals living in and around the western Coachella Valley received a grant to hire a social media team to help reach people in Riverside County and amplify the REACH OUT Organization’s “Masks are Medicine” campaign.

Food Now approached eBrandgelize to collaborate with REACH OUT and help post the contest information to FOOD NOW’s social media pages… and while we were at it, we posted some content about the great work FOOD NOW was doing to help feed people in need in the Desert Hot Springs.

At the end of our contract for the campaign, FOOD NOW board members credited eBrandglize Digital’s work on their social media pages in helping to bring in 20 newfound donors, in spite of all their annual fundraising campaigns being cancelled due to COVID-19.




eBrandgelize helps client Randian, coordinate #ThanksNurses PSA campaign across Social Media

The PSA for the American Nurses Association created by Randall and Ian Truitner of Randian.
We helped coordinate the messaging of the viral campaign and helped ask their team of celebrity supporters to post around the same time using, #thanksnurses to get the maximum engagement. We also included samples of text they could use for Tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts and included the tags of all the celebrities and organizations involved with the campaign which was featured in Variety with the Headline:
One post that used our sample messaging and tags was from Jen Lilley and had 22,363 views!


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Digital Branding: MPCA-Brad Krevoy TV & Maggy Haves School

GGE continues to expand our eBrandgelize digital marketing services, offering online branding for the entertainment industry and non-profits.

eBrandgelize newOver the past two years, Green Galaxy has been expanding it’s “sustainable” marketing services and is no longer focusing exclusively on clean tech companies and environmental organizations. Most recently, GGE redesigned the websites and managed the online branding for the Motion Picture Corporation of America and it’s subsidiary, Brad Krevoy Television as well as the Maggy Haves School of North Hollywood. Check out our latest clients’ before and after looks.

Previous MPCA website:



GGE’s redesigned MPCA website:






















Maggy Haves School original website:


Maggy Haves Before

GGE’s redesign of Maggy Haves School’s website:


Maggy Haves After


Sustainable Business Council’s 4th Annual #SBCAwards

Green Galaxy Enterprises, a finalist for the Sustainable Small Business Award, provided social media posts leading up to and during the event, and hosted a Tweetwall during the reception.

The Sustainable Business Council Awards reception and ceremony spotlights Southern California companies working daily to create sustainably-focused products and services that reduce ecological impact. We were honored to be made a finalist for the Sustainable Small Business Award, recognizing our sustainable business practices in online marketing, PR and production services. But we noticed something quite unfamiliar to us in the social media world: the sound of silence. For us these days, that just doesn’t happen: How can a great event like this not be promoted?

Screenshot (73)

That’s when GGE’s Nicole Hansen, who served on the SBC Awards Event Steering Committee for its first 3 years, called to ask why. It turns out that the Sustainable Business Council Award had become very popular. With so many entries and high-profile honorees, including Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company as Pioneers in Sustainability and Participant Media for Lifetime Achievement in Sustainability, the all-volunteer organization SBC was too overwhelmed to do social media. Nicole offered her staff to stand-in and give Twitter shout-outs on the @SustainableB account to finalists and sponsors. With dozens upon dozens of companies to mention, we researched each one and added photos from past events to make the Twitter posts more eye-catching. We also spruced up the SBC Twitter profile with a high-res profile logo and background photo, where there had been none. With only 3 days until the evening of the Earth Day event, we just managed to get every name mentioned before the awards.

Screenshot (71)

The night of the ceremony, the GGE technology and social media team went into action. We set up a GGE-sponsored Tweetwall on a big TV screen, so that every guest who tweeted with the hashtag #SBCAwards became part of a live twitter stream. We roamed the event live-tweeting for @SustainableB, taking photos of each sponsor’s booth, featuring their food and wares and tagging them in each post. The sponsors were grateful to be getting some extra social media PR that showed up online and on the Tweetwall. And we were grateful to highlight everyone that was involved in making sustainability a priority for their work.

Screenshot (68)

I would like to send the Green Galaxy Enterprises team a standing ovation for your tremendous support and participation with the 4th Annual SBC Industry Achievement Awards! It was an extreme honor to work with you and I can’t possibly thank you enough for the twitter support and twitter feed during the event! Your team did the most amazing job!  You are a major reason the event was such an amazing success! 



“A Question of Literacy” for Rise Up Foundation

Green Galaxy Enterprises assisted Rise Up Foundation to find educational researcher to produce paper.

When GGE client Wendy Alane Adams, founder of Rise Up Foundation wanted to find out whether trends such as transmedia storytelling and digital interactivity might actually improve reader engagement and motivation, not diminish them, she turned to GGE’s Nicole Hansen to find an educational researcher with a background in digital media to deliver such a paper. Check out the results here; A Question of Literacy Rise Up Foundation.

GGE’s Hilda Somarriba also handled the press announcement and secured coverage of the paper’s publishing,  yahoo-financereuters“Rise Up Foundation Examines Transmedia Connections to Literacy” over multiple outlets including Reuters & Yahoo! Finance.


SAG Foundation Receives $100k for Children’s Literacy | Variety | Hollywood Reporter

Green Galaxy’s PR Collaborator Hilda Somarriba and Founder Nicole Hansen bring partnership opportunities to our client Wendy Alane Adams. This new initiative helps to enhance Rise Up Foundation’s literacy programs through the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s BookPALS program.

SAG Foundation Receives $100,000 Donation From Rise Up Foundation

JoBeth Williams, Wendy Alane Adams and Cyd Wilson

PR collaborator Hilda Somarriba initiated the partnership and was able to secure press coverage of the SAG Foundation and Rise Up Foundation partnership in the entertainment industry trades including Variety and The Hollywood Reporter!

SAG Foundation Receives $100k for Children’s Literacy
Marianne Zumberge, Variety

SAG Foundation Receives $100,000 Donation From Rise Up Foundation
Meena Jang, The Hollywood Reporter

SAG Foundation Receives $100,000 Donation From Rise Up Foundation

Nicole Hansen, Cyd Wilson, JoBeth Williams, Wendy Alane Adams and Lainie Strouse


Power in Pink

Originally posted at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angelesdb897-pinkhardhatThree years ago, I was recently divorced, had just sold my own home at a massive financial loss, and was renting for the first time in 14 years. That’s when my friend and fellow single mom Eda Benjakul invited me to a Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA) fundraiser. I went, hoping it might take my mind off my own troubles. I was first taken in with the positive spirits of leaders Erin Rank and Alison Treleaven, and knew I wanted to be involved. When I heard from the single mom recipients, who dreamed of owning a home for the first time, I was humbled. I hadn’t realized that instead of being given homes, they had to help build their own house as well as build for others in need. The Habitat philosophy of “teach a [woman] to fish” was empowering them to make their home worth working for, and they were paying the mortgages too, something I had since been unable to do for myself.

A few months later, I was invited to participate in a Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity (HFHFH) “Power Women Power Tools” event, and to be honest, I was terrified. I had supervised the design and building of my dream home when I was married, but that was the easy work of picking out faucets, hinges, tiles and doors. I had never hammered in any nails or sawed any wood; that was left to the construction guys. My own husband didn’t know how to use a power drill to hang the curtain rods. I had seen firsthand how precise each cut of wood must be to make the house sturdy and how dangerous a construction site can be. I wondered: how was I going to put on a hard hat and operate power tools? What if I screwed up, sawed off a finger or swung a hammer and accidentally hit someone? I’m known for being clumsy. But I remembered that these homeowners were building houses for themselves and others without any experience either. So I mustered up my courage and went for it.

(l-r) Carey Usher, Nicole Hansen and Eda Benjakul

On the day of the build, I rounded up my then 10 and 12-year-old boys to come with me. Believe it or not, these Habitat people had thought of everything when it came to putting power tools in the hands of moms, even babysitting. My boys complained the whole way down to the site. “Can’t we just stay home and play video games instead?” But then we got there, and during the meal before we started building, two gentlemen from the HFHFH board got up to speak. One was Tom Shadyac, the director of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which was one of my youngest son’s favorite movies. He made the boys laugh and psyched them up. The other was screenwriter and director Randall Wallace, an HFHFH founder, who introduced the women whose homes we were building that day. My older son, who wants to write and direct stories that move people, was himself moved by Randall’s mission to serve. As the mothers spoke of how much it meant to them and their children, my kids finally got it. They happily went off to the kid’s tent and didn’t make another peep.

I put on both my pink T-shirt and pink hard hat to scurry off with my team. First, construction supervisors briefed us on how to measure wood, use the power saw, which pieces go vertically in a door frame and where to put the nails. I tried not to panic as I feared I wasn’t strong enough or man enough for this task, but then I turned and saw the woman we were building for. I found my resolve, so I operated the power saw and actually used a nail gun! If we messed something up? No problem. Nothing went to waste; it was recycled or reused elsewhere. I was feeling pretty darn macho after a while. After we framed a few windows, we got to the plywood, and it was starting to look like an actual house. As the walls went up, the construction crew handed us all sharpies to sign our well wishes to the future occupants. I found this part to be the most moving of all. Even when covered by paint, our messages of love would always remain in this home with the family.

When it was time to leave, I walked by all the women I knew on the other teams who were working 6f9cc-habitatjoyand laughing together, and I felt quite satisfied. We actually had fun challenging ourselves and delighted in getting to know the homeowners. I went to the kid’s tent and found my boys didn’t want to leave. Smaller kids were surrounding them as they supervised the building of toys and kid’s furniture for the new home’s children. The babysitters told me that my boys were natural leaders. When we started to head out, the youngsters trailed behind them. Were they really the same boys who had been complaining the whole way there? On the ride home to our modest rental house, my kids told me how proud they were of me for helping those families. Tears streamed from my eyes. I was proud of them too and grateful that we had a roof over our heads, by whatever means we had.

I have volunteered for Habitat for Humanity ever since, helping to build new homes for these incredible and inspiring single moms that I have the utmost respect for. They have stepped up to the challenge of owning their own homes, by taking an active stake in their construction and responsibility of ownership. By working together, both the builders and recipients each share in a very rewarding experience. That’s why each year, you’ll find me revving up the table saw with a little more confidence, as we enthusiastically challenge ourselves with power tools to be empowered women.

Video of Nicole at her first Power Women, Power Tools in 2010



Green Galaxy Enterprises handled the PR for Daniel Morrell’s Chant kick-off at the COP 18 for The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), mobilizing 30,000 youth groups across the globe for CHANT.


CHANT gives voice to a global movement for positive change and built around giving your vocal signature to be mixed with others and published to generate funding. CHANT was founded by Daniel Morrell, the environmental entrepreneur who coined the term “carbon neutral,” and Youth (Martin Glover), supported by principal trustee Craig Sams, founder of the organic chocolate company, Green & Black’s, that launched the fair trade movement.

GGE helped to coordinate global media PR and a VIP Salon in West Hollywood following a global event including surfers holding a note for 7 seconds at Surfrider Beach in Malibu and added to a global choir mixed in London by top UK producer Youth (Martin Glover) all in support of cleaner oceans and cleaner air.


Global Chant – Malibu

The placement of these organizations as part of our portfolio does not imply an endorsement by Green Galaxy Enterprises nor its partners.


FTL Solar Tents to Haiti

 Corporations and Non-Profits Team Up to Provide Haiti Relief with Solar Powered Tents 

Los Angeles Oct 1, 2010 – It’s never easy to provide relief . After the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th, several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), individuals and corporations have and come together to provide both an immediate fix and long term solutions to impact the devastated areas of Haiti.

One week after the earthquake, a clean energy advocate and President of Green Galaxy Enterprises,  Nicole Hansen decided to take action. She put out a request to her wide circle of contacts in the renewable energy arena to help provide relief and deliver sustainable solutions for Haiti to organizations she knew, like Global Green that have a reputation for integrity in the face of disaster and put them to the best possible use.

Tony Saxton (CEO of FTL Solar) responded to her call and quickly offered to donate three PowerMods® solar tents, thereby helping the survivors with both shelter and a power source. FTL Solar’s unique patent-pending products are the first and only pre-fabricated, mass-produced photovoltaic (PV) tensile structures in the world. As expressions of practical function and form, FTL Solar structures integrate thin film PV with super strength fabric to create architecturally refined solar canopies, arrays and enclosures that turn sunlight into electricity. These canopies can also provide shelter for disaster relief, communication command centers, medical units, temporary housing, and energy pods for small villages. FTL Solar products can eliminate the need to transport and operate generators, burn kerosene or other fossil fuels – all of which pose health risks to people and damage to their environment.

Since the FTL Solar PowerMods®  are sideless canopies, Classic Party Rentals offered to donate wall panels, so that enclosed areas could be created for medical treatment, shelter and work stations.  Rounding out this important circle is the transportation of the donated tents from Los Angeles to Florida was the shipping company, Champion Logistics Group who delivered the tents to the Miami where Airline Ambassadors International’s media liaison, Ms. Tess Cacciatore, had helped secure transport from their AAI Haiti Relief Center in Miami to Port-au-Prince.

Airline Ambassadors worked tirelessly for three months getting the shipment passed through Haitian’s complicated and beuerocratic Customs preceedures. Finally delivering the tents into the hands of their partner, Bobby Duval of  L’Athlétique d’Haïti to store and distribute on their behalf until Global Green partner, CineInstitute,  the non-profit, Haiti Street Kids as well as World Vision can collect and then deploy the tents where they have established  their bases and use as office to accommodate such needs such as camp management, and school facilities. The tents not only provide shelter and energy, but also give the non-profits an opportunity in this crisis to raise funds for their relief efforts by setting up charging stations for others who need to power their computers and cell phones in these remote camps. FTL, Green Galaxy Enterprises and Classic Party Rentals hope that this aid and assistance will greatly improve and increase for all in Haiti who are touched by these important organizations.

  • Global Green: A worldwide organization committed to rebuilding Haiti through sustainable and green solutions, as they did in New Orleans after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Airline Ambassadors: Airline Ambassadors provides international relief and development
  • to underprivileged communities worldwide.
  • CineInstitute: Using the power of cinema, Ciné Institute educates and empowers Haitian youth who seek the creative, technical and business skills necessary to grow local media industries that can provide jobs and spur economic growth needed to improve their lives and the lives of others.
  • Haitian Street Kids, Inc.: (HSKI) HSKI was founded with the mission to protect, serve and advocate for the street kids and runaway restavek slave children of Haiti.
  • World Vision: World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God.
  • L’Athlétique d’Haïti: a youth development program that provides underprivileged youth with a safe, clean, supportive environment where they can learn firsthand how the discipline of sports and the structure of teamwork can enhance skills, enrich lives and change futures.
  • FTL Solar: FTL Solar’s Disaster Relief & Humanitarian products division is 100% vertically integrated to offer a variety of products and solutions. A centrally located PowerMod could charge battery-operated, efficient and inexpensive household lights for an entire village, or coupled with a high output water purification system could provide quality drinking water for an entire village.
  • Green Galaxy Enterprises: Green Galaxy Enterprises is a renewable energy consulting business, focused on building partnerships among green technology companies, governments, educational institutions, and nonprofits. Seeking sustainable development with a humanitarian benefit, we help companies and organizations connect to raise their profiles through media, marketing, and event production.

“We are grateful to Green Galaxy Enterprises and FTL Solar, – for helping support Global Green USA’s initiative to provide immediate sustainable aid including solar tenting. In the months ahead, Global Green will be applying the lessons learned from its experiences garnered from rebuilding New Orleans green after Katrina to help Haiti rebuild safer, green homes, schools and communities.”

—Matt Petersen, President and CEO of Global Green

“Airline Ambassadors is proud to be part of this effort to ensure the delivery of 3 solar tents donated by FTL Solar to World Trust Foundation, which JetBlue Airways has agreed to transport at no cost to Miami for AAI to get to Port-au-Prince and the U.S. military onwards to Jacmel. What a team!”

—Joseph Mutti, Director, Haiti Relief Airline Ambassadors

The Cine Institute continues to grow our solar capacity, reducing our dependance on diesel as we remain completely off the power grid. We feel wonderful reducing our carbon footprint and growing a model institute using sustainable resources in Haiti. Our goal is to be 80% wind and solar generated by 2014, and we have a long way to go. As our energy needs adjust, so will our sustainable systems. Its a great comfort to us, knowing we have friends like yourselves standing by! (Photos of the New Campus)

Andrew Bigosinski, Cine Institute


LA Get Off Oil Day

GGE secured GreenHouse’s E-fueler for the mayor’s press conference on the steps of City Hall.



The placement of these organizations as part of our portfolio does not imply an endorsement by Green Galaxy Enterprises nor its partners.