Keep it CleanTech

KEEP it CLEAN Tech is GGE’s eBrandgelize strategy focused on rebranding renewable energy as HIP, SMART and FUN.

We provide our clients with professional quality videos and sizzle reels as well as iconic photos for use in KiCT themed media campaigns or marketing materials to engage and inspire both consumers and investors to see clean tech not as something to be swallowed like medicine, but to be celebrated as a lifestyle choice.  Our aim is to harness the power of a broader audience to demand sustainable and more innovative sources of energy and break out of the image that Clean Tech is just for tree-huggers.

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Environmentally conscious celebrity hosts such as Rachelle Carson-Begley go behind-the-scenes to wherever your clean tech or eco-friendly products are used.  We can help you put a spotlight on your own company or organization’s success at implementing sustainable practices as well as motivate and inspire others to get on board.  Whether you’re a sponsor of a high-profile event or just want to celebrate your success in your corporate headquarters, we can make your eco-actions sizzle on video .



Inspire By Doing

Maria Bertrand; Host/ Writer/Creator/Model

•Model, writer, film actress and Clean Tech blogger
•Host with interviews, photo shoots and behind the scenes
•Event coordinator for David Myers Group LLC

Maria Bertrand shows off clean tech’s assets while taking us behind the scenes with the creators and risk takers who are breaking out of the pack to bring clean tech to the masses and making a difference for consumers in ways we never dreamed of.

Force One – Military and Clean Tech 

Mark Semos

Military and Clean Tech; Correspondent and Host

• Former nay SEAL sniper, deployed for CENTCOM & PACOM
• Instructs  police/military units worldwide in firearms & tactics
• Hollywood stuntman and technical advisor; Captain Philips, Lone Survivor and Iron Man 3
• Founding partner in Maddox Defense
• Spotlight on US Military applications of sponsored technologies


Developing World Benefits: Make the Change


Carla Ortiz, Host

• International film actress, producer, businesswoman, activist
• Owner of Churros Calientes Sustainable  Bakery in West LA
• Awarded the Gold Medal of Honor by the Bolivian Government for building green Homes for indigenous people


Eco-MacGyver – Retrofit Rules 

Darren Moore,Host, Sustainable Designer

• Founder of Ecovations, a sustainable building company
• Co-hosted Alter-Eco on Planet Green and Living with Ed
• Headed up sustainable rebuild of Muse, a progressive school
• Greening the set of Avatar 2
•Contestant on NBC’s American Dream Builders



Eco-Brief – Legal & Policy Issues

Ginna Kelly, Host, Reporter, Legal Adviser

• VP & General Counsel, AREDAY; Founder, Climb for Conservation
• Columnist for Huffington Post; Host of Green Girl Minute
• William & Mary Law School
• Law clerk, White House Council on Environmental Quality,
Department of Justice, and the Nature Conservancy



Future 360 – Technology Reports

Sarah Backhouse, Technology Reporter, Host

• TV Host: Planet Green’s Planet 100, BBC, PBS, CNBC, Discovery, Fine Living
• Creator of Future360 online video network profiling Clean Tech innovation.
• Covers featured technologies business model and sustainable practices
• Top reporter in clean technology, Recurring host on Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality

Media and Presentations

KEEP it CLEAN Tech is a model of our comprehensive eBrandgelize services. It provides an example of GGE’s consultation and creative development for marketing materials, powerpoints, one sheets, websites and digital media campaigns. We’ll help with conceptualizing and implementing your vision as well as set up photo shoots, write copy and edit marketing materials so your technologies are seen in the most appealing style and memorable presentation.

Keep It Clean Tech 2012-8-30


KiCT Photographer: Ian L. Sitren

•Editorial and advertising photos reach 6 million people per month.
•Official photographer of the Special Olympics including annual reports, brochures and big screen presentations and fund raisers.
•A special eye for communicating the relationship between “man and machine”
•Investigative photojournalist recognized for reporting corruption in youth sports, immigration fraud scandals, right wing terrorism, product counterfeiting, trade secret issues and extensive work on the 9/11 attack. Ian directs his cameras, at the beauty of the people around us and the wonders of the planet  we must save for the future.