Green Galaxy Pictures is a full service production company that focuses on practicing what we preach, not preaching to the choir.

With experienced professionals in the entertainment business, we strive to tell original stories by accomplished creative talents across multiple platforms including TV, feature films, mobile apps, digital media and games. We integrate our philosophy of sustainable production throughout our work whether its in product integration, developing clever and thought-provoking storylines or producing imaginative content for audiences everywhere.

Current Projects

Feature Film: Robo Pop


“Not your ordinary stocking stuffer.” A Christmas Comedy

Written byMichael P. Nash and Pat Proft Jr.
Producer: Nicole Hansen

Feature Film: Lately

When an unhappily married woman’s husband is murdered, she must unravel the mystery with the help of a cynical detective and her all-knowing therapist. Compassionate healing and dispassionate murder lead to an appalling truth in this darkly comic thriller.

Director: Diane Bell
Written by: Peter Mehlman and Bill Masters
ProducerNicole Hansen

Feature Film: But Not For MeScreenshot (603)

A prominent small-town socialite is thrown into an emotional and personal crisis when her husband unknowingly hires her former lover to build the family’s dream home, a situation that nearly shatters the lives of all three.

Written by: Quinton Peeples
Story by: Peter Christman
Executive Producer: Peter Christman
Producer: Nicole Hansen

Feature Film: Big Hope

A thrilling and dark road movie that tracks two girls, Hope, an overweight latina girl, and Kate, a white beauty queen, who are high school enemies staring down the barrel of a gun, on the run through the west, Thelma and Louise style.

Written by: Michael Nash
Producer: Nicole Hansen

TransMedia: Planet Eden

CreatorsBrent V. Friedman and Russell Sparkman
Branding ProducersVictor Friedberg and Nicole Hansen

Television: Married4LIFE 

Once you have kids… there’s no such thing as divorce.  A true story (unfortunately).Screenshot (364)

Siblings Ginny and Peter each get married and hope to start a perfect extended family,
but their clan of many divorced and remarried parents go thermonuclear and get in the way.

Written by: Nicole Hansen