Fierce Sisters Fight Cancer Wrap-up

When it comes to building a successful brand online, it takes effort and dedication. At eBrandgelize, we take pride in helping organizations find their voice and connect with their audience through engaging social media, branded social posts, and building a community of loyal supporters. One of our most successful campaigns has been for Fierce Sisters Fight Cancer, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Program at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Our latest campaign for Fierce Sisters began with a conversation about their goals and mission. We knew from the outset that building a community of devoted donors and volunteers would be a critical part of their success. We also recognized that telling the story of the organization and its impact would be vital to gaining support from potential donors and volunteers.

To accomplish these goals, Nicole Hansen and Juliet Guisasola built a comprehensive social media strategy by creating visually appealing social posts, reels, Instagram Lives, and Mailchimp campaigns that captured the essence of the brand and communicated their message in a way that was both attention-grabbing and emotionally impactful. Through our use of high-quality images and compelling storytelling, we brought the mission of Fierce Sisters to life by engaging with a broader audience than ever before, and built a loyal following of passionate supporters around the cause.

Subsequently, Fierce Sisters raised $120,512 through the LA Half Marathon Charity Challenge. Fierce Sisters raised more funds through the McCourt Foundation’s Charity Half-Marathon than any other organization that participated in 2023.

Our collaboration with Fierce Sisters is a testament to the power of social media and branding in building a solid and impactful nonprofit organization. Through our work together, we built a dedicated community of supporters, raised critical funds for ovarian cancer research, and exceeded our fundraising goals. We are proud of our work with Fierce Sisters and look forward to continuing to help other organizations achieve their goals.


The Brand Of An Artist With Nicole Hansen

The Heart Of Show Business Podcast With Alexia Melocchi

Does an artist need to hone the skills of self-promotion and branding? Absolutely!

Today my guest, Nicole Hansen, from Ebrandgelize Digital will tell you all about it.  Nicole Hansen is a film and television actress turned CEO of a successful brand awareness and consulting company and a true advocate for women in Business and in the Arts.

Dive in with me as we discuss how she produced and marketed a PSA that her 10-year-old son made about global warming.  Hear the fun backstory of her starring in a Billy Idol music video while impersonating Marylin Monroe!


And get inspired by this true Boss Lady,  who has lent her branding experience and acumen to work on the social media campaign for female DGA directors for Awards Season

And of course, we have to talk about how she also pivoted during the pandemic, launching her Quarantine Quizine group to share recipes for stay-at-home cooking.

Nicole will also give you some tips to get eyeballs on your personal brand and movie projects and explain why all women should embrace their age, personal journey, in front of the camera,  on social media, and in business.

LISTEN to the entire interview on The Heart of Show Business, May 2, 2021


Best DirectHER FYC Campaign

eBrandgelize Re-Brands @BestDirectHER, Bringing a Women’s Touch to the #BestDirectHER #FYC Campaign

In February 2021, eBrandgelize was approached by Best DirectHER, an organization of women directors and members of the Directors Guild of America. Their mission is to increase the number of women-directed feature films, television programs, and commercials nominated for the DGA Awards and needed eBrandgelize to re-brand and lead their social media campaign for the 2020 awards season.

eBrandgelize’s FYC team of Nicole Hansen, Chelsea Hamill and Talia Kaufmann created branded video posts, virtual event invites, graphics, presentations, and produced Facebook Live events to support their effort.

We helped facilitate live social media events Defying the “Male Gaze” Through Shot Design and Through HER Lens: Updating the Period Drama with acclaimed female directors.

Nina Menkes on Facebook Live
Julie Anne Robinson on Facebook Live

eBrandgelize’s team created graphics and posted live on all @BestDirectHER social media accounts, announcing the women directors who were proclaimed winners.

In all, five female directors were awarded Outstanding Director Awards in their categories.

Read more on eBrandgelize’s #FYC Campaigns and follow BestDirectHER on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Founder, Nicole Hansen Earns Certifications

Pandemic Enables Professional Development with Four Facebook Certifications

eBrandgelize Digital’s founder, Nicole Hansen has experience branding, managing, and advertising for our clients on Facebook for eight years. She took the opportunity during the pandemic lockdowns to enroll in the new Facebook certification program on Coursera.

Nicole’s certificates (updated in 2022):

Completed by Nicole Rhea Hansen

January 29, 2021

5 weeks of study, 5-6 hours/week

Grade Achieved: 100%

Completed by Nicole Rhea Hansen

January 29, 2021

4 weeks of study, 5-6 hours/week

Grade Achieved: 96.88%

Completed by Nicole Rhea Hansen

March 7, 2021

5 weeks of study, 5-6 hours/week

Grade Achieved: 97.77%

Completed by Nicole Rhea Hansen

April 11, 2021

5 weeks of study, 5-6 hours/week

Grade Achieved: 92.12%


#FYC Campaign for EMPEROR

eBrandgelize Digital Promotes Indy Film Emperor

Sobini Films’ New Website

Early in 2020, eBrandgelize redesigned the Sobini Films website and set up its social media pages to promote the opening of the film Emperor. When the pandemic shut down theaters before the movie could open, the premiere was postponed to August on VOD & DVD. We covered the drive-in movie premiere on social media with the producers Mark Amin (director), Cami Winikoff, Reginald Hudlin and executive producer, Tyler Boehm.

Emperor far outperformed projections, so Nicole and her team were kept on to head the movie’s social media campaign, managing Mark Amin, Sobini Films and the Emperor movie social media profiles. Our team enlisted the cast, distributors (Universal, Briarcliff & Starz) in sharing our #FYC graphics in their posts and worked with and in support of Liz Biber and her PR team.

We were proud to help elevate the independently produced Emperor, boosted by the timing of the release and focus on Black American stories. The film garnered three NAACP nominations and gained many fans.

More information on eBrandgelize’s #FYC Awards Campaigns here.

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How #LockdownLife Whipped Up Our “Social Life”

Homebound Cooks Transform Into Everyday Chefs

It’s been 13+ months since the world first locked down due to COVID-19, but the obstacles presented weren’t as big of an adjustment for the eBrandgelize team, as it was for others. Fortunately, we could navigate the new digital reality the way we had always done, from a tablet, phone or computer.

Quarantine Quizine

Created by Nicole Hansen and managed with the help of eBrandgelize’s Debi Bailey and Mia Radcliffe, a diverse community of people from around the globe eagerly shared their meals, recipes, cooking memes and a lot of sourdough and banana bread! Some community members became so encouraged by their cooking success, that they followed their passion for food by creating their own cooking videos and cookbooks.

Facebook Live Cooking Demos

The eBrandgelize team of Admins also hosted some surprisingly entertaining “Quarantini Happy Hour” events via Facebook Live in the group, with special guest members who’s cooking posts had made significant impressions on others! These fun, free-flowing conversations helped everyone know the strangers whose cooking and baking skills were the most admired. The recordings were watched and appreciated by members who had always wondered the stories behind the talented men and women who created their appetizing meals and shared them with us.

Nicole Hansen, Debi Bailey and Mia Radcliff hosted guests members during Quarantini Happy Hours


Social Media Boosts Food Now’s Donations

eBrandgelize Enlisted to Facilitate “Masks are Medicine Campaign”

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic, FOOD NOW, the largest food pantry offering weekly supplemental food assistance for households & individuals living in and around the western Coachella Valley received a grant to hire a social media team to help reach people in Riverside County and amplify the REACH OUT Organization’s “Masks are Medicine” campaign.

Food Now approached eBrandgelize to collaborate with REACH OUT and help post the contest information to FOOD NOW’s social media pages… and while we were at it, we posted some content about the great work FOOD NOW was doing to help feed people in need in the Desert Hot Springs.

At the end of our contract for the campaign, FOOD NOW board members credited eBrandglize Digital’s work on their social media pages in helping to bring in 20 newfound donors, in spite of all their annual fundraising campaigns being cancelled due to COVID-19.




eBrandgelize helps client Randian, coordinate #ThanksNurses PSA campaign across Social Media

The PSA for the American Nurses Association created by Randall and Ian Truitner of Randian.
We helped coordinate the messaging of the viral campaign and helped ask their team of celebrity supporters to post around the same time using, #thanksnurses to get the maximum engagement. We also included samples of text they could use for Tweets, Instagram, and Facebook posts and included the tags of all the celebrities and organizations involved with the campaign which was featured in Variety with the Headline:
One post that used our sample messaging and tags was from Jen Lilley and had 22,363 views!


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jen Lilley (@jen_lilley)



Shorty Social Good Award for Crown Media’s “Snowfront”

Facebook Live Event, sparked by an idea from eBrandgelize Digital’s Nicole Hansen to CEO Bill Abbott, garners awards for our client Crown Media Family Networks

The 2018 cancelled upfront presentation was salvaged by an attitude that turned bad news into great news for our clients: the show must go on. Crown Media’s social media team took the suggestion to not let the opportunity pass by and enlisted the talent on-hand, to produce a Christmas themed virtual event for Hallmark Channel’s Facebook pages to host. The result was an innovative and utterly memorable alternative to the cancelled Upfront Presentation for advertisers.

From the 11th Annual Shorty Awards:
Upfronts 2018 Facebook Live Event

Bronze Distinction in Facebook Live
Audience Honor in Facebook Live


With the help of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ fan-favorites, Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKellar, the company staged a Facebook Live event at 6:30 pm EST on March 22, 2018 with Bill Abbott, President & CEO, and Ed Georger, EVP of ad sales, against the backdrop of a winter wonderland in Central Park, where they announced several new programming developments for the networks. The social team even managed to secure festive costumes for Abbott and Georger, in spite of limited transportation in all of New York! The Facebook Live was also shared over to its sister network Hallmark Movies and Mysteries during the same time to allow fans from both channels to interact and ask questions.

Fans were thrilled to interact with Crown Media Family Networks key executives and talent and learn about developments on their favorite shows and renewals through a surprise Facebook Live event. Usually, the Upfronts is a closed-door celebration with limited media in attendance. This Facebook Live event expanded the viewership and pick-up of these announcements to a much wider audience.



The Facebook Live event was covered by several trade and press including Variety, AdAge, AdWeek, Deadline, MultiChannel, Entertainment Weekly, Broadcasting &Cable and several others calling it a super genius method of announcing new developments.

Stats Include:

500,000 Impressions
325,000 Reach
55 minutes viewed


Interview With Nicole Hansen, President of eBrandgelize Digital

Interview by Ruth Hill

It should come as no surprise to those who regularly follow me that I literally do reach out to just about anyone I can in every facet of the entertainment business. And in the case of Nicole Hansen, I have proven that to be accurate yet again. While she was an actress (and she will be seen in Chesapeake Shores this season as well), her main focus is publicity and promotion of others within this field. I am pleased to share my recent interview with this talented and capable woman whose story is just as inspiring and entertaining (if not more so) than many of the clients she represents.

Actor Gregory Harrison with Nicole Hansen on the set of Hallmark Channel’s ‘Chesapeake Shores’

As one who dabbles in marketing and promotion on a miniature scale, I find myself awestruck by all that Nicole has accomplished both personally and professionally in her chosen career. While she is one who is often behind-the-scenes, laboring to promote the works of many of our beloved shows and films, her steadfast devotion, charismatic temperament, and circumspect attention to detail is something that has shaped the course of more career entities and media than we might realize. I, for one, am incredibly grateful for someone like Nicole who takes her job so seriously and recognizes the importance of character, punctuality, and integrity in all she does, and I look forward to witnessing the fruition of her labors for many years to come.

Read the interview by Ruth Hill of eBrandgelize Digital’s Nicole Hansen on My Devotional Thoughts