Green Galaxy Enterprises handled the PR for Daniel Morrell’s Chant kick-off at the COP 18 for The United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), mobilizing 30,000 youth groups across the globe for CHANT.


CHANT gives voice to a global movement for positive change and built around giving your vocal signature to be mixed with others and published to generate funding. CHANT was founded by Daniel Morrell, the environmental entrepreneur who coined the term “carbon neutral,” and Youth (Martin Glover), supported by principal trustee Craig Sams, founder of the organic chocolate company, Green & Black’s, that launched the fair trade movement.

GGE helped to coordinate global media PR and a VIP Salon in West Hollywood following a global event including surfers holding a note for 7 seconds at Surfrider Beach in Malibu and added to a global choir mixed in London by top UK producer Youth (Martin Glover) all in support of cleaner oceans and cleaner air.


Global Chant – Malibu

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