Transmedia: BattleKasters

Transmedia Storyverse Content and Mobile Game Production

BattleKasters is a spell-casting adventure, launched in spring of 2015 at fancons across the U.S. The downloadable mobile game, an extension of Adams’ Norse mythology-based Legends of Orkney™ book series, turns live events into dynamic game boards, allowing questing players to collect digital trading cards and cast magic spells that literally change the state of the game for everyone playing.

Nicole Hansen of Green Galaxy Pictures executive produced the mobile game, bringing together Alane Adams Studios and longtime collaborator Brent Friedman and Artifact Technologies as co-creators of the app.


BattleKasters Interview with Alane Adams and Halo Game Designer Brent Friedman – by Nathan Stevens

 “A  mutual friend, Nicole Hansen, introduced me to Alane to discuss creating a mobile game for her Legends of Orkney book series. Originally, the idea was just to build a mobile transmedia extension of the book property.”