DCDC Takes Cinemacon by Storm | Box Office Insider

Have you seen the blizzard of coverage about DCDC at CinemaCon? If not, then you may not know what Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition is, but they’ll be delivering digital entertainment via satellite across North America to approximately 17,000 screens and 13,000 venues by the summer. Not only will they be delivering movies, they’re also delivering big event programming as well. DCDC was founded by AMC Theatres, Cinemark, Regal Entertainment Group, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Subscribers to the DCDC network include Sony Pictures, Disney, Lionsgate and Fox as content providers and lists exhibitors such as National Amusements and Southern Theatres as DCDC customers.

Randy Blotky is CEO of the Digital Content Distribution Coalition and appeared on a panel discussing satellite delivery and DCDC’s capability of simultaneously delivering four separate live HD streams to four separate movie screens. Formats for the content include 3D and 4K. DCDC’s flexibility of the system can even allow exhibitors to stage massively-multiplayer videogames across different screens, and at separate sites. If that’s not enough to snow you over, they also announced they’re acquiring Deluxe/Echostar, the delivery system used by DCDC for satellite distribution, along with DCDC rival network which was owned by Deluxe/Echostar.

via DCDC TAKES CINEMACON BY STORM | Box Office Insider. Guest Blogger, Nicole Hansen