“Save It” at Avatar Earth Day Event, Nokia Center

• Avatar Earth Day

Nikos Spiridakis was invited to present his PSA SaveIt  for an audience of 5,000
at risk kids alongside James Cameron’s Avatar.  Nikos was thrilled to have the opportunity to be congratulated by the Oscar winning director and encouraged to keep telling his visual stories to help convey messages of environmental importance. What Nikos found most fulfilling was to hear Mr. Cameron tell him that he helped the kids in the audience feel like their voices could be heard when it came to important issues such as the environment and the reaction from the kids who surrounded Nikos after he came offstage, confirmed Mr. Cameron’s words.


Nicole helped to organize and invite celebrities to participate in the Private Earth Day Briefing & Strategy Session with JamesCameron 

The event was held to discuss director James Cameron’s recent trips to the Amazon Rainforest to stop the Bello Monte Dam and Washington, DC, to meet with Sen. Kerry, Sen. Lindsey Graham, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and President Obama.  (April 22, 5 – 6:30 pm, JW Marriott)

The goals:

1.  To create a coordinated, high profile effort to educate the public on the critical need to support the strongest possible Kerry-Graham-Leiberman energy/climate change bill.

2.  To create a coordinated, high profile effort to educate the global community to come together to stop a dam that will, as in AVATAR, destroy the habitat of many indigenous tribes and 500 square kilometers of precious rainforest.  The project has been temporarily stayed but political pressure to build the dam is very strong in Brazil.

3.  To discuss new ways to frame and message the debate on climate change and to strategize about how to educate the public about “True Cost” economics, the real value of nature, “Silent Taxation”, the “Phantom Deficit”, “Corporate Socialism”, “Dishonest Accounting” that purposely excludes bona fide externalities and other critical concepts that the current mainstream news media refuse to discuss. 

Venue:  The new, LEED-Certified JW Marriott at LA Live, next to The Nokia Theatre

Participants:  The briefing and strategy session will be limited to 60 participants.  Those already confimed include: Suzy Cameron, AVATAR cast members Michelle Rodriquez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore plus Rosario Dawson, Billy Zane, John Salley, James Cromwell, Daryl Hannah, Frances Fisher, John Quigley, Magda Rod, climate scientist Julienne Stroeve, Stefan Weitz (Bing), Michael Martin (Music Matters), Dreaming Bear, Nicole Hanson and others from the Hollywood and environmental communities.

3.  Other Earth Day Events sponsored by Richard Greene and The Words That Shook The World Environmental Solutions “Eco Warrior” Competitions and Programs, with James Cameron andAVATAR cast members

A.  9 am – 4 pm: Screening of AVATAR for 5,000 “at risk” LA Partnership School students, “Eco Warrior” Training and “AVATAR Awards Competition and Ceremony”

B.  5 – 6:30 pm:  Invitation Only Briefing and Strategy Session

C.  6:30 – 7:30 pm:  Green Carpet (Participants in the Strategy Session may exit without being a part of the Green Carpet unless they wish to)

D.  7:30 – 10:30 pm:  VIP Party, co-sponsored by Bing, with James and Suzy Cameron and many others.  Michelle Rodriguez to DJ.  (Rumored appearance by a blue Na’vi from Pandora)


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