9000 Needles – VIP Screening to Benefit the Devin Dearth Foundation

Event Coordination

Green Galaxy Enterprises was proud to help plan and coordinate the VIP Screening to benefit the Devin Dearth Foundation. GGE designed the invitation for the award winning film, stressing it’s festival success as well as the film’s theme. Nicole Hansen tapped into her list of cause minded celebrities who not only showed their support in spirit, but contributed to the cause to help others benefit from the treatments that helped Devin Dearth stand up and walk out of the hospital in China where he received months of acupuncture.


9000 Needles Documentary Film Screening was to benefit the Devin Dearth Foundation at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theatres.

The Dearth Family with actor, John McGinley

The film, Executive Produced by John Cusack and Directed by Doug Dearth, follows Devin Dearth journey after suffering from a devastating stroke. Devin travels on an unconventional journey to China to participate in an affordable and accessible alternative stroke rehabilitation program that involved the ancient healing art of acupuncture.
At forty years old, Devin Dearth is a successful businessman, a loving husband, father of three, a devout Christian and champion bodybuilder. He and his family reside in the small community of Central City, Kentucky where they live the ideal “American Dream.” That is, until Devin suffers a devastating stroke. Caused by a bleed in the brain stem, the stroke leaves him paralyzed on his right side and unable to walk, with difficulty speaking, double vision and inability to care for himself or his family. He has met his ultimate adversary: The limits of his own mortality.

This event included a Q & A with the filmmakers and Devin Dearth himself, and was followed by a reception to emphasize the theme of the story. With your help, we hope to encourage more people to support alternative methods towards healing, while we bring awareness and support to this and other promising health care alternatives. Especially vital when health insurance doesn’t always cover traditionally western forms of rehabilitative medicine.

The GGE team managed the guest list, contracted a Getty Images photographer and even sent out a post event letter so donors who missed their chance to contribute, could follow up with the foundation –  and many did!

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