Origin Oil, Launch Event

Event Coordination

After Riggs Eckelberry of Origin Oil participated as an invited panelist at the Renewable Energy Conference and Awards Gala at the UN he recalled GGE’s Nicole Hansen as the “Ghost in the Machine” that kept the day running smoothly in spite of all the guests, speakers, sponsors, participants and agendas. So when time came to launch his own company, he called on Nicole and her team to assist in planning the course of the event and coordinating her personal list of celebrities and High Net Worth VIP’s to raise awareness about the fledgling company. Nicole even suggested the event have it’s own themed cocktail, hence Origin was able to prove that their algae not only could fuel our future, but launch an entire new drink, Algae Martinis! They were a huge hit.


Riggs Eckelberry CEO, OriginOil Inc.

Nicole is a barn-stormin’ networkin’ dynamo with GREAT sense of what will fly! Her friends trust her and she is also a heck of a lot of fun to be around. Go Nicole!


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