“Save It” at Avatar Earth Day Event, Nokia Center

• Avatar Earth Day

Nikos Spiridakis was invited to present his PSA SaveIt  for an audience of 5,000
at risk kids alongside James Cameron’s Avatar.  Nikos was thrilled to have the opportunity to be congratulated by the Oscar winning director and encouraged to keep telling his visual stories to help convey messages of environmental importance. What Nikos found most fulfilling was to hear Mr. Cameron tell him that he helped the kids in the audience feel like their voices could be heard when it came to important issues such as the environment and the reaction from the kids who surrounded Nikos after he came offstage, confirmed Mr. Cameron’s words.


Nicole helped to organize and invite celebrities to participate in the Private Earth Day Briefing & Strategy Session with JamesCameron 

The event was held to discuss director James Cameron’s recent trips to the Amazon Rainforest to stop the Bello Monte Dam and Washington, DC, to meet with Sen. Kerry, Sen. Lindsey Graham, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and President Obama.  (April 22, 5 – 6:30 pm, JW Marriott)

The goals:

1.  To create a coordinated, high profile effort to educate the public on the critical need to support the strongest possible Kerry-Graham-Leiberman energy/climate change bill.

2.  To create a coordinated, high profile effort to educate the global community to come together to stop a dam that will, as in AVATAR, destroy the habitat of many indigenous tribes and 500 square kilometers of precious rainforest.  The project has been temporarily stayed but political pressure to build the dam is very strong in Brazil.

3.  To discuss new ways to frame and message the debate on climate change and to strategize about how to educate the public about “True Cost” economics, the real value of nature, “Silent Taxation”, the “Phantom Deficit”, “Corporate Socialism”, “Dishonest Accounting” that purposely excludes bona fide externalities and other critical concepts that the current mainstream news media refuse to discuss. 

Venue:  The new, LEED-Certified JW Marriott at LA Live, next to The Nokia Theatre

Participants:  The briefing and strategy session will be limited to 60 participants.  Those already confimed include: Suzy Cameron, AVATAR cast members Michelle Rodriquez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore plus Rosario Dawson, Billy Zane, John Salley, James Cromwell, Daryl Hannah, Frances Fisher, John Quigley, Magda Rod, climate scientist Julienne Stroeve, Stefan Weitz (Bing), Michael Martin (Music Matters), Dreaming Bear, Nicole Hanson and others from the Hollywood and environmental communities.

3.  Other Earth Day Events sponsored by Richard Greene and The Words That Shook The World Environmental Solutions “Eco Warrior” Competitions and Programs, with James Cameron andAVATAR cast members

A.  9 am – 4 pm: Screening of AVATAR for 5,000 “at risk” LA Partnership School students, “Eco Warrior” Training and “AVATAR Awards Competition and Ceremony”

B.  5 – 6:30 pm:  Invitation Only Briefing and Strategy Session

C.  6:30 – 7:30 pm:  Green Carpet (Participants in the Strategy Session may exit without being a part of the Green Carpet unless they wish to)

D.  7:30 – 10:30 pm:  VIP Party, co-sponsored by Bing, with James and Suzy Cameron and many others.  Michelle Rodriguez to DJ.  (Rumored appearance by a blue Na’vi from Pandora)


The placement of these organizations as part of our portfolio does not imply an endorsement by Green Galaxy Enterprises nor its partners.


9000 Needles – VIP Screening to Benefit the Devin Dearth Foundation

Event Coordination

Green Galaxy Enterprises was proud to help plan and coordinate the VIP Screening to benefit the Devin Dearth Foundation. GGE designed the invitation for the award winning film, stressing it’s festival success as well as the film’s theme. Nicole Hansen tapped into her list of cause minded celebrities who not only showed their support in spirit, but contributed to the cause to help others benefit from the treatments that helped Devin Dearth stand up and walk out of the hospital in China where he received months of acupuncture.


9000 Needles Documentary Film Screening was to benefit the Devin Dearth Foundation at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 Theatres.

The Dearth Family with actor, John McGinley

The film, Executive Produced by John Cusack and Directed by Doug Dearth, follows Devin Dearth journey after suffering from a devastating stroke. Devin travels on an unconventional journey to China to participate in an affordable and accessible alternative stroke rehabilitation program that involved the ancient healing art of acupuncture.
At forty years old, Devin Dearth is a successful businessman, a loving husband, father of three, a devout Christian and champion bodybuilder. He and his family reside in the small community of Central City, Kentucky where they live the ideal “American Dream.” That is, until Devin suffers a devastating stroke. Caused by a bleed in the brain stem, the stroke leaves him paralyzed on his right side and unable to walk, with difficulty speaking, double vision and inability to care for himself or his family. He has met his ultimate adversary: The limits of his own mortality.

This event included a Q & A with the filmmakers and Devin Dearth himself, and was followed by a reception to emphasize the theme of the story. With your help, we hope to encourage more people to support alternative methods towards healing, while we bring awareness and support to this and other promising health care alternatives. Especially vital when health insurance doesn’t always cover traditionally western forms of rehabilitative medicine.

The GGE team managed the guest list, contracted a Getty Images photographer and even sent out a post event letter so donors who missed their chance to contribute, could follow up with the foundation –  and many did!

The placement of these organizations as part of our portfolio does not imply an endorsement by Green Galaxy Enterprises nor its partners.


Origin Oil, Launch Event

Event Coordination

After Riggs Eckelberry of Origin Oil participated as an invited panelist at the Renewable Energy Conference and Awards Gala at the UN he recalled GGE’s Nicole Hansen as the “Ghost in the Machine” that kept the day running smoothly in spite of all the guests, speakers, sponsors, participants and agendas. So when time came to launch his own company, he called on Nicole and her team to assist in planning the course of the event and coordinating her personal list of celebrities and High Net Worth VIP’s to raise awareness about the fledgling company. Nicole even suggested the event have it’s own themed cocktail, hence Origin was able to prove that their algae not only could fuel our future, but launch an entire new drink, Algae Martinis! They were a huge hit.


Riggs Eckelberry CEO, OriginOil Inc.

Nicole is a barn-stormin’ networkin’ dynamo with GREAT sense of what will fly! Her friends trust her and she is also a heck of a lot of fun to be around. Go Nicole!


The placement of these organizations as part of our portfolio does not imply an endorsement by Green Galaxy Enterprises nor its partners.


Sizzle: “Event Green”

Event Green Highlights Sustainability Initiatives at EO/BEC

Darren Moore of Ecovations teams up with Green Galaxy Pictures to put a spotlight on the greening of Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles Business Entertainment Charity event and kept it as a zero waste affair without losing any of the fun.


Entrepreneurs’ Organization LA – Business Entertainment Charity Event

• Entrepreneurs’ Organization Los Angeles – Business Entertainment Charity Event

Nicole Hansen was sought out by the Entrepreneurs Organization’s chapters of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego to help coordinate and produce the largest charity event in both the Playboy Mansion and Entrepreneurs’ Organization histories. Nicole led up the partnership between an international renewable energy organization as the beneficiary of the fundraising and brought in her VIP guest list of dignitaries including UN Ambassadors, the Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, actors such as Oscar nominated Demien Bichir among others, Producer/Writer and renewable energy advocate Marshall Herskovitz and the biggest celebrity guest of the night, Billy Idol whom Nicole had met while appearing as Marilyn Monroe in his 1990 videos directed by David Fincher, Cradle of Love and LA Woman.  To cover the event, Nicole brought in her contacts in the “green press” such as Sarah Backhouse and others who helped get word out that at the Playboy Mansion, clean technology was a cause worth supporting and that sustainability is as sexy as any playmate.

Mother Nature Network  

MNN reporter Sarah Backhouse spoke with celebrities on the red carpet about their interest in renewable energy.

Watch: Billy Idol (singer), Jason Chambers (Human Weapon), Vanessa Lengies (HawthoRNe), Ashley Rickards (One Tree Hill).
Watch: Darren Moore (Alter Eco on Planet Green), Olden Polynice (former NBA player), Demián Bichir (Weeds), Frank Leboeuf (former French soccer player)
Watch: Carla Ortiz (CSI: Miami), Kirsten Bradford (president, EO-LA), Robson Mello (secretary-general, IREO), Marshall Herskovitz (president, Producers Guild of America)


Alastair Shearman of GGE co-produced alongside Nicole designing the distinctive invitation and helping to carry out sustainable practices throughout.  Nicole brought in Darren Moore of Ecovations  to sponsor and help green the event and also highlight the green initiatives the Playboy Mansion had been employing sustainable practicing in the kitchen and on the grounds for over 20 years. Each guest received a list of what sustainable practices they would encounter at the event and GGE’s Green Galaxy Pictures produced a sizzle reel Event Green hosted by Darren Moore to show how all these initiatives were carried out leading up to and post event.

EO/BEC – Sustainability Practices Introduction for Guests:

  • You’ll be dinning on Plates made out of Fallen Leaves that are compostable, instead of paper or plastic which are difficult to recycle once mixed with food waste
  • Utensils are Compostable and made in a plant that runs on Hydro-electric power, instead of energy intensive plastic pieces that usually end up in landfills
  • Cups are made from a bio-polymer and fully compostable, instead of plastic cups that are made out of petrochemicals, which contain OIL
  • Food Waste from the Event, with the compostable items will be made into renewable energy through a gasification process, at Liberty Composting Facility
  • By making all food service items compostable, we are able convert the food waste, cups, plates and utensils into RENEWABLE ENERGY without generating any landfill waste. Food in landfills accounts for 20% of the average waste stream, food waste can be a resource of nutrients in soil and bio-mass for electricity
  • Playboy’s Chef Carter is one of the Greenest Chef’s around, he’s been supporting Animal Husbandry and Sustainable Fishing Practices for nearly 20 years. see the attached supplement about Chef Carter and the Menu
  • Playboy Mansion has maintained a pesticide free grounds for 15 years
  • Playboy Mansion Pool and water features on the grounds are Ozonated, minimizing the use of chlorine and making the water safe and fun to be in
  • Playboy has agreed to allow Ecovations to replace and test out an additional 125 light bulbs with new LED bulb’s, for the opportunity to save 204,600 lbs of CO2 annually at a potential cost savings of $137/mo or 1,644 per year!
  • The Mansion now utilizes some LED and efficient lighting Technology, reducing electricity usage while delivering a high-quality lighting experience.
  • Step and Repeat banners by Mozaik, made out of 100% post consumer recycled content, utilizing an environmentally-friendly process to eliminate the use of chemical pollutants and wasted water
  • Video Documentation of process, from food selection to food waste into renewable energy

The following day’s events included an intimate brunch organized by GGE for all the out of town guest Renewable Energy Advisors, celebrities, dignitaries and EO board members to mingle and network post-event at the sponsor hotel, Petit Ermitage in Beverly Hills and co-hosted by Bolivian Actress and recipient of the Bolivian Metal of Honor, actress Carla Ortiz.

Reza Bavar
Former Entertainment Chair of EO/LA, Founder at Kaloud, Inc.

Nicole worked with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (“EO”) to put on one of the largest events in EO history. She was a pleasure to work with and contributed in invaluable and varied ways to our success. I will spend the rest of my life thanking her for her contribution. I would highly, and without reservation, recommend Nicole Hansen to anyone.

The placement of these organizations as part of our portfolio does not imply an endorsement by Green Galaxy Enterprises nor its partners.


Renewable Energy Conference and Awards Gala, UN Headquarters, NY

When Nikos Spiridakis was to receive a Junior Goodwill Ambassador Award for his work on the global warming PSA Save It, Nicole Hansen was asked to organize and produce the June 2009 Renewable Energy Conference and Awards Gala at the United Nations.

Nicole produced the conference, sponsored by the Honduran Permanent Mission, which focused on Sources, Investment and the Future of Renewable Energy. Nicole utilized her network of individuals in science, engineering, finance, business, government and academia to bring in experts including keynote speaker and the evening Gala’s awardee, Dr. Arthur Nozik of National Renewable Energy Lab, panelist and awardee Dr. Daniel Nocera of MIT, billionaire and renewable energy panelist and gala awardee John Paul DeJoria as well as panelist and awardee Josh Tickell. GGE advisor served as a moderator and helped to bring in additional panelists such as Ron Smith of Verdant Power.

Nicole also brought in her media contacts such as Sarah Backhouse of Future 360 to cover the event as commentator. Producer Gianna Palminteri was hired to produce the media coverage and Lora O’Connor to production supervise the evening’s gala ceremony. Alastair Shearman, GGE’s Technology Officer served alongside Nicole as co-producer of the days events with Nicole and producer, Jason Keramidas.

For the gala awards ceremony, Nicole tapped into her contact list of celebrities to serve as presenters to the nights winners. With awardees and celebrity guests coming from Nicole’s network of acquaintances and friends including Tony Goldwyn who presented the Junior Goodwill Ambassador Award to his godson, Nikos Spiridakis. the entire event had the feeling of a family wedding celebration that spread goodwill and support for everyone involved in making the world a better place for all through the promise of renewable technologies. At the event it was announced that Nicole had been named as Deputy Secretary-General of the IREO.

The placement of these organizations as part of our portfolio does not imply an endorsement by Green Galaxy Enterprises nor its partners.